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Chef Reece

Coming from humble beginnings. Travis Reece, more commonly known as "Chef Reece" was born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in the parish of St. Elizabeth known as the "Bread Basket".

Chef Reece learned to care for livestock such as chickens, pigs, cows and goats, in addition to ground provisions not limited to yams, potatoes, bananas and many others at the age of 8 years old.

Being raised in St. Elizabeth, Chef Reece was always destined to become a chef. He grew up on a farm with his Grandmother helping her tend the farm, which led to early aspirations of becoming an Agronomist; however, that was short lived because cooking became his passion.


It was his grandmother's passion for food that compelled him to learn how to cook from a young age and also inspired him to explore creatively. After migrating to the United States of America with his mother after graduating High School, Chef Reece found himself working in fast food and food distribution. Working these jobs his colleagues would always be fascinated by his cooking skills and always wanted to sample his lunch. This inspired Chef Reece to begin selling lunch plates to make some extra money on the side.

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The start of his entrepreneurial journey, Chef Reece stepped out on faith and began selling plates of his delicious and highly raved about dishes and later officially launched his catering company, Taste of Jamrock. As a new business owner Chef Reece quickly learned that in order to be successful he would have to learn and get familiar with other aspects of business such as marketing, branding, sales ect.

On a quest to step into his fullest potential, Chef Reece began to rebrand himself and elevate himself by reading self-development books and seeking mentorship. This journey birthed his desire to create a more intimate vibe with his clients offering not only food but an entire experience. Standing by his Jamaican roots and Caribbean vibe "Oxtail Reece" became most known for his famous Oxtails, Mac Reece, Jerk Chicken and Rice and Peas.

He went on to cook for many celebrities, entertainers and athletes not limited to Kanye West, Travis Scott, Kris Jenner, Tristan Thompson, Stephen Jackson and many others. While grateful for the opportunity to prepare meals for many public figures Chef Reece never seized the opportunity to provide the same quality experience to all his clients.

Now residing in Miami, FL distributing "Flavors Out of this World" at Chef Reece Kitchen, a Jamaican Fusion Hot Spot in South Florida! Located at 5187 S University Dr. Davie, FL 33328, open 6 days a week

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Lets Make Your Time Delicious

The Chef Reece experience begins with our initial information intake to establish the scope of the event. We make it easy and effortless. You do the relaxing while we create a memorable experience for you and yours.

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